Looting And Rioting Across The Land

Properties Damaged Across the U.S

I mean 2020 just seem to get worst as it progresses, recently and African American male was recently killed by a cop in Minneapolis by a white cop. As a result of this there is looting and rioting going on across the country, from what we can tell there is a lot of property damage. We even seen a whole police department go up in flames on television and that included the roof of the police department too. We’ve seen huge amounts of damage on the exterior and interior of these properties, including the siding and gutters. Now with these fires come the water sprinkler system in the building so that also cause water damage.

People are rioting cause of injustice!

Exterior and Interior Property Damage

If your property has been affected by damage in anywhere in the United States due to the rioting and looting, our company can help you out. As a business we understand what is going on in America today, and we support the rights of the African American community to protest injustice. Racism is a disease that needs a cure and ignorance has no limits as we see in today’s world. Home Sweet Home Solutions is a very diverse company that services the Northern Virginia area. 2/3rd of our company employes is people of different races and there is no difference between the black or white or whatever.

Richmond Virginia Looting

Home Sweet Home Solutionssympathizes with the family of George Floyd and we’re with you and you’re in our prayers. We believe that the members of both chambers of congress hear the voice of the American people, we’re tired every week of seeing dead minorities because of racist police officers. There is clearly a problem because as you see there’s a bunch of properties that are damage and the country needs a major remodeling job. Meaning it’s time to do deep background checks on some of these police officers that have been raging havoc on our nations minorities for centuries. You heard me centuries, we need to make things right.

Protest In Loudoun County Today

The United States is officially the worst human rights violator in the world, how can we tell countries like China and Iran what to do when we’re worst then them when it comes to our minorities human rights. We support the black community and will continue to do so, anything else is uncivilized. Our company employs one of Virginia top civil rights activist and he’s doing a great job for our communities in Virginia. Our company is working to develop the urban community especially in the Virginia Beach and Tidewater area. We’re willing to work with these commercial property owners to repair and remodel their fire and water damage properties.