Our Love For The Roofing And Remodeling Business

I’ve been in the construction business for over 19 years, and I’ve love every bit of it. Let me tell you my journey about how I got in the construction business. I graduated High School at the age of 16 years old, you can say I was very smart at my age. So during my time after I graduated I was having an issue finding a really good job. I needed to make money and I knew McDonald’s wasn’t it. I seen a commercial for Job Corp on TV one day, and decided to sign up for Job Corp. I got accepted and I picked the facilities maintenance program.

Facilities Maintenance

I got accepted into the Charleston West Virginia Job Corp, I was the youngest student on campus. Most the people that were going to the Charleston Job Corp program were way older than me, most were at least 21 years old and didn’t have their high school diploma. Well I completed the programs in only 3 months compared to most the people who had been there over a year. I went home after the Job Corp program and I had turn 17 years old by then. During that summer I still wasn’t working and all I was doing was playing basketball and looking at different colleges to attend. During that time a United States Army recruiter approached me and told me of the wonderful opportunities of a military career, which of course I listened. I went to MEPS in Baltimore, Maryland and of course passed the ASVAB and was on my way.

Fort Benning Georgia Home of The Infantry

I went through the Fort Benning Infantry and Airborne course. I was stationed at Fort Polk Louisiana and was there for about 3 years. I moved closer to home and did some private security work for about 2 years. During that time I decided that I wanted to go into the i.t field and design software and websites. I decided to sign up for college at the Northern Virginia Community College in Sterling, Virginia. I’ve also attended the University of San Francisco, and Florida Institute of Technology but thats another story. During my time at Northern Virginia Community College, I took 14 credits. While I was attending college money got tight and I needed a job. During that time a opportunity came in a form of a marketing job for a construction company. The company that was giving that opportunity was Loudoun Exteriors.

Door To Door Marketing

I worked for Loudoun Exteriors for about 6 months, it was a new company. During that time I found out that I was real good at marketing and building websites. I had built for about 20 different websites for 20 businesses during that 6 months time and I was real good at it. I had made Loudoun Exteriors a lot of money during my short time there. After being there for a year Loudoun Exteriors started struggling because the company owner and I was having differences. After Loudoun Exteriors, I went to work for Northern Virginia Roofing. That was probably the best roofing company other than Atlantic Coast Consultants I’ve worked for.. During that time some guys over at Northern Virginia Roofing decided to start their own company. I decided to join this new company that started in Maryland, and it was the worst mistake ever. The company was called HomeTech Exteriors in Maryland, worst company I ever worked for, I wouldn’t recommend it. This isn’t the views of Home Sweet Home Solutions but the views of Lawrence Charles.

After that experience I decided to start my own construction company and that was a huge success. I made a lot of money, and during that time the partners formed this company . I’ve been working with Home Sweet Home Solutions since 2020 and the company has had its up and down when it started. But its really become a powerhouse and I’m proud to be part of it.