Virginia Opens Back Up

The governor of Virginia has finally decided to open up the state back up, which is a major win for the states business. It’s messed up how much money that the businesses of Virginia have loss because of this Covid-19 virus. Loudoun and Fairfax counties have suffered the most losses, imagine the loss revenue. Many businesses were not fortunate to be listed as essential businesses, and many home owners suffer as a result of this terrible disease. Our company was fortunate to be a essential business but the loss revenue is what hurts the most. We’re still recovering from this mess and hope our company recovers real quick.

Our customers are who were mostly affected with this deadly virus which has killed over 100,000 people, Loudoun bus system was even affected by this tragedy of a situation. As the leading roofing company in the region, Atlantic Coast Consultants have many projects that were put on standby . The region that was mostly affected by this virus in Loudoun was Ashburn, Ashburn is the most beautiful part of Loudoun. Well we’re happy that the county is opening up little bit at a time. Our company is here for Loudoun and it’s remodeling needs. Call us today for a free inspection or estimate.